About Us

Troika IO is the most adapted end-to-end Web 3.0 framework for enterprises, backed by a team with a decade of combined experience building peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplaces and NFT products like gift cards, wine and artwork.

We enjoy building game-changing brands that bring people together. We like to think of Troika IO as as the Bitcoin Hasbro. NFTs are our games, and we're on a quest to build a digital Monopoly world with no puppeteer.

Our Mission

Our mission at Troika IO is to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin and make money and more equitable for everyone. We will execute on our mission though financial education and by bringing more brands into Bitcoin.

Our Family

We are part of the Troika Media Group (TMG) family with offices in Hollywood, New York and London.

  • Troika IO - Bitcoin/NFTs
  • Troika Labs - Storytelling
  • Troika Media - Digital media
  • Troika/Mission - Experiential
  • Troika Legal - Compliance

Our Services

We allow any brand to build NFT experiences using our network of freelance artists connected over the Bitcoin blockchain. Creators are paid in bitcoin for products and services without without expensive or complicated integrations or the need for trusted third-parties. Our B2B white-labeled platform can be used by any founder, entrepreneur, small business owner or institutional brand to engage a fan audience using digital NFTs and Bitcoin rewards.

We allow any company to safely and easily provide digital token services at just a fraction of the cost of building in-house.