Top 5 NFT examples in sports

A look at the top 5 platforms for buying, selling and trading sports NFTs and other digital collectibles.

Top 5 NFT examples in sports

Have you ever looked at the market value of a one-of-a-kind rookie season baseball card and dropped your jaw? Maybe you searched it on eBay, or some other web 1.0 auction site. Sure, the prices are astonishing, but they’re nothing compared to Beeple’s $69.3 million NFT sale to Christie’s.

The intersection of outrageous NFT prices paired with high-ticket sports collectibles is already drawing the attention of several startups. Might as well get used to it, as people are already paying a premium for digital versions of physical sports collectibles. Here we look at the top 5 platforms for buying, selling and trading sports NFTs.


Sorare is a fantasy soccer game where users, known as managers, can collect and trade cards of specific pro soccer players. The site advertises that it has cards of players from over 140 different top-tier soccer clubs. Managers can scout, play a squad, and participate in moments, and certain cards are so unique that only one of a kind is made. These rare, licensed digital collectibles are highly sought after because they’re so rare.


Chiliz considers itself “the world’s leading blockchain fintech provider for sports and entertainment,” and rightfully so. The company developed the sports fan engagement platform. The app — which has several highly engaging features — is built on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure, and uses their own on-platform currency, $CHZ. Think of it as a way to engage a passionate sports fan base even deeper by providing in-app experiences to enhance watching a game.

NBA Top Shot

Perhaps the most well-known sports marketplace, NBA Top Shot put sports NFTs on the map. Its pack drop glitches, crazy waitlists, and lagging cash-out approval processes have been user-feedback issues for a while, but nobody can deny the splash the Dapper Labs brand has made into the digital trading world.

F1 Delta Time

If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie and a Formula 1 fan, this is a dreamland. F1 Delta Time utilizes two tokens: REVV (ERC20) for all in-app transactions, including collectibles trading, and F1 Delta NFTs (ERC-721) for purchasing key virtual parts, like tires, drivers, and even race tracks, that make up a F1 universe.

OpenSea Sports

OpenSea is known for being one of the most easy-to-access NFT marketplace to both trade and create NFTs. The sports section, however, is quite robust on its own, and links out to some of the other mentioned marketplaces on this list, including Sorare and F1 Delta Time. Consider OpenSea a network of NFT marketplaces, and a great starting point for venturing into and understanding the NFT universe.

There’s sure to be a continuing push to enhance fan engagement, and for clubs to increase revenue opportunities through NFTs. These five sites are a great way to see how different sports industries and NFT platforms are tokenizing and creating powerful moments people can digitally own.