What is Aesthetic?

Aesthetic is a full-service design and development shop in NYC with a deep experience in machine learning, AI, smart contracts and NFTs.

What is Aesthetic?

The future of fan experiences are NFTs. Perhaps no one understands this better than the NYC-based design and development studio Aesthetic.com.

Aesthetic is made up of a team of tight-knit graphic designers, a network of global artists, and a robust Web 3.0 technology platform that leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to build engaging fan experiences.

Aesthetic works to build interactive digital engagements with fans before, during and after live events by creating dynamic artwork, adding information to dynamic data rooms, offering crypto-backed rewards, influencing fan buying decisions, collecting fan votes, separating fan communities into tiers, and even transforming the NFTs into digital tickets for exclusive live events. If you're in charge of building a fan token, you will want to talk to Aesthetic.

An NFT version of the well-known "exquisite corpse" surrealist art exercise will take place at Exquisite Corp on July 2021 by Aesthetic. Apply to participate.

Aesthetic leverages the dynamic and programmable nature of NFTs. All the NFT artwork is randomly generated with the help of AI and minted onto the blockchain. Aesthetic is blockchain agnostic, so they can launch onto Bitcoin, Ethereum, or emerging altcoin chains like Cardano, Flow or Polkadot. The visual display of each NFT will evolve over time without deviating from brand guidelines. Changes to the design can be triggered by in-app user actions, off-chain events like scores, stats and highlights, or time-based events like the day of the week.

Aesthetic’s technology stack to support interactive NFTs includes a dynamic metadata server for on-chain events, a smart oracle for managing off-chain APIs, an NFT studio for cheaply minting tokens on-demand, and a network of global artists connected through an advanced Telegram API.

Aesthetic will partner with Troika to help engage fan audiences using beautiful, dynamic, digital, interactive and utilitarian NFT experiences. Decentralized apps (dApps) will be created under each brand accompanied by a white-labeled NFT storefront, an SEO-optimized CMS and content library, and a token ecosystem to support the community. The larger the token ecosystem, the more recurring revenue opportunities we have for Troika, Aesthetic and our brands.

Other examples of companies building 3D rooms for NFTs and digital collectibles are RareRooms, Terra Virtua, Kunstmatrix and Roblox ($45 billion).

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